Ayub Bachchu is died

Ayub Bachchu
Ayub Bachchu

Ayub Bachchu is died

Bangladeshi Popular Band/ rock legend, prominent singer, composer and founder of musical band LRB Ayub Bachchu died of a heart attack in Dhaka today 18th October 2018 at the age of 56.

According to report, Square Hospitals Director of Medical Services Dr Mirza Nizamuddin said: Singer Ayub Bachchu suffered heart failure at his home around 8:30am, and left for Square Hospital with his driver by car. And Ayub Bachchu died on his way to the hospital.

Ayub Bachchu was a one of the most popular Bangladeshi Musician, singer-songwriterand guitarist. He is very brilliant, talented, perfect and one of the finest singers in Bangladesh. Ayub Bachchu was initially a member of the band Feelings and later he joined the band Souls as lead guitarist. Finally he formed his own band named LRB. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band LRB. He was playback many super hit songs for Bangladesh. His debut music album was ‘Rakto Golap’ but the album didn’t get enough popularity. His success story began when his second album ‘Moyna’ was released. After that in 1993 LRB released their album “Sukh” and ‘Cholo Bodle Jai’ one of the greatest hits in Bangladeshi music era. Which written and tuned by Bachchu. And he became popular for all listeners with his album ‘Koshto’ which released in 1995. And now Ayub Bachchu is a one of the famous and best pop singers in the country.

Ayub Bachchu was born on August 16, 1962 Chittagong, Bangladesh and his nick name is AB, Robin. Ayub Bachchu is married Ferdous Ayub Chandana. They have two children a son Fairuj and a daughter Tazwar.

Ayub Bachchu Solo Albums:

Rakto Golap (1986), Moyna (1989), Kosto (1995), Shomoy (1998), Eka (1999), Prem Tumi Ki? (2000), Duti Mon (2002), Kafela (2002), Prem Premer Moto (2003), Pother Gaan (2004), Vaatir Gaane Maatir Taane (2006), Jibon (2006), Sound of Silence (instrumental) (2007), Rimjhim Brishti (2008), Bolini Kokhono (2009), Jiboner Golpo (2015) etc.

Ayub Bachchu Band Albums:

LRB (Double Album) – 1992, Sukh – 1993, Tobuo – 1994, Ghumonto Shohore – 1995, Ferari Mon (LIVE UNPLUGGED-1996), Shopno – 1996, Amader Bismoy (Double Album) – 1998, Mon Chaile Mon Pabe – 2000, Ochena Jibon – 2003, Mone Ache Naki Nei – 2005, Sporsho – 2008, Juddho – 2012 etc.

Ayub Bachchu Most Popular Songs:

Cholo Bodle Jai, Hashte Dekho-Gaite Dekho, Dorojar Opashe, Ferari, Koshto Pete Bhalobashi, Keo Shukhi Noy, Bela Sheshe Firey Eshe, Ek Akasher Tara, Tara Bhora Rate, Ek Chala Tiner Ghor, Bangladesh, Sharey Tin Hat Mati, Amito Preme Porini, Lolona, Bonolota Shen, Tajmahal, Tin purush, Baro Mash, Nodir Buke Chad etc.

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